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A place for the whole family to shine brighter!


We love serving newborns all the way through their teenage years! The birth process can be traumatic which is why we recommend getting your little one’s nervous system checked!


Supporting mom before and after her pregnancy is just as important as during her pregnancy! “Perinatal” simply means around the time of birth. Dr. Olivia is trained through the ICPA.


Families that get healthy together, stay healthy together! We are firm believers in strengthening your whole tribe!

Why We Serve

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower moms, babies, and whole families to optimize the full healing potential from within and to live freely from health concerns so that you too can share your God-given gifts with the world!

At Lux Chiropractic, we provide a welcoming and safe environment for individuals of all ages focusing on restoring your nervous system so your body can heal and adapt to everything life brings. True healing lies within you. It’s time to let your light shine brightly!

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We practice nervous system centered chiropractic to help restore the proper balance and tone to your body. We want the light within YOU to shine its brightest for the world to see!

~ Dr. Olivia Griffith

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