What to Expect

We want to ensure your visits in our office are EXTRAordinary! Here is what to expect during our time together!

First Visit (Initial Assessment)

Intake Form: Complete the Health History Forms so we can know you better. Dr. Olivia will use this information as a piece of the puzzle to create your customized Care Plan.

Consultation: You will meet with Dr. Olivia to review your health history as well as to create your vision of optimal and ideal living. 

Comprehensive Nervous System Exam: We utilize three nervous system centered scans including HRV (Heart Rate Variability), sEMG (Static Electromyography), and a rolling thermal scan to assess how well your nervous system and body is functioning. Additional examinations will be performed to aid Dr. Olivia in understanding the cause of your health challenge(s) and to create your customized Care Plan.

Second Visit

Report of Findings: During your second visit, Dr. Olivia will share what she discovered about your health based on your health history, consultation, and exams.  From there, she will provide your Customized Care Plan, which is the route for regaining and optimizing your health. We fully embrace that you do not live to get adjusted but rather get adjusted to FULLY LIVE!!

Adjustment: Your nervous system will be assessed and if there is interference, you’ll get adjusted. It’s as simple as that.

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